Working with tradesman that struggle with pain.

Working with many tradesmen, there’s a common theme between there lifestyle and the pain they experience.

Do you have poor relationships at home very intense atmosphere, highly stressful

Your health is suffering, high blood pressure, headaches, extremely gassy.

Are you unable to sleep?

You struggle with poor eating habits such as nipping to the shop to by a sandwich at dinner, and you NEVER forget that chocolate bar and the packet of crisps or to any fast-food chain that’s close to you.

Do you always complain of pain?

Does your backache?

You get stabbing pains throughout the day in random places?

Do your organs or muscles have a dull ache that you ignore?

Have you ever pulled out your back by doing a simple task such as opening a cupboard door?

First of all, there could be plenty of reasons why you experience pain; however, its more than likely a joint effort between your lifestyle habits and your job, not just the physical aspects.

First of all, the experience of pain comes from the brain.

When you injure yourselves from pulling out the bottom draw,

How was your sleep that previous night?

How busy was working leading up to that injury?

How much have you been smashing yourself in the gym?

Any weird changes with digestion?

Your a fully grown man that builds houses for a living and a bottom drawer can cripple you for a week or maybe two?

Id address the following,

Intake of inflammatory foods

Overall physical load, work and gym.

Hydration levels.

Are you getting good quality sleep

Is your home life just as stressful as your work life?

That would be a good starting point.