Danny Fox

Danny is the Director and Head Coach at Fox Physique. After six years working as a Personal Trainer in some of the country’s top facilities, he decided to pursue his vision of the worlds most personal online coaching.

Throughout his life, Danny has been passionate about all aspects of sports and fitness. Whether pursuing a teenage dream of becoming a Footballer, or taking the stage years later as a Body Builder, he has always been determined to pursue his passions at the highest level.

Over the years, Danny has been able to learn from each and every one of these successes and failures. Following a difficult time with his own health and mindset, he threw himself back into learning, this time from a wide range of sources including world-leading life coaches and functional medicine doctors.

This phase was transformative for Danny and is the basis of Fox Physique; tackling all aspects of health, body, and mind for a happier more successful life at work and at home.

Today, Danny coaches the country’s top business owners and high performing professionals and speaks to audiences across the world, sharing his wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience.

His approach is born from his experiences as both a coach and a client and it’s this level of understanding that makes Fox Physique so personable and successful. The aim is not to train a business owner like a bodybuilder, but to work with clients to find a lifestyle, habits, and routines that work to make the client a better version of themselves.

Danny works closely with each of the Fox Physique Coaches to ensure this approach is embedded throughout the team and that every client receives the highest of standards.

Specialisms include:

  • Life coaching
  • Mindset coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Stress management
  • Health optimization
  • life transformation