Client testimonial: Suzanne Lovatt

“Last year my thyroid medication was off which affected my cholesterol levels, my energy was at an all time low, adrenals were shot and my confidence was on the floor along with my mood. I woke up dreading the day but not being able to rationalise why. I was experiencing extreme emotions and was at a loss as to how to put it into context. I would finish work for the day and have to have a 40-minute sleep before I could even have a conversation with my boyfriend, sort an evening meal or even pick up the phone. In short I was in a state of overwhelm and anguish and mentally exhausted. I became clumsy and wrote off 2 phones, an iPod and my car’s wheel arch in the space of 2 weeks!

“12 months on and I’ve just competed the biggest physical and mental challenge of my life (whilst supporting others through the same event) – Mt Kilimanjaro to raise £50k for charity and to reaffirm that I have drive, determination, courage and empathy. I’m showing confidence at work and asking for more responsibility. I like who I am and am open to let that work for me. I’m supporting others with their fitness goals and have a feeling of calm, good will and control around me. I am so much more relaxed now yet taking on bigger goals.

“There is an extreme amount to be said about the power of mindfulness, rest, and connection with what gives you energy, the right level of training, nutrition and supplementation.

“Danny was a significant catalyst to my diagnosis, determination of treatment and my overall recovery. His knowledge of stress factors and their impacts on the body and advised processes to get me back on track set him aside as an extremely capable, qualified and competent PT, his knowledge and approach are incomparable to the standard mainstream PT’s within the fitness industry setting him head and shoulders above any expectation that I would have had previously of a PT… and all of this through online training!”

– Suzanne Lovatt, Fox Physique client