Small wins matter

I tell all of our clients that small wins matter. They build up, they add up. People look for the big wins and big changes but they come from evolving and changing gradually over time. The small things you do consistently every day are far better than doing something amazing once a month. I don’t [...]

Are you in the same position?

Client told me he couldn’t get up no matter what he tried before 7am. Never had Time for the gym. Didn’t have time for food in the morning. Couldn’t allocate Time to himself (something we call YOU time for clients) Flip the switch 4 weeks later. I woke up to a text off him this [...]

No results in 2 years?

A client and I had a catch up chat on Sunday which sparked me to post this… For 2 years this client had a personal trainer. He enjoyed it but he wasn’t getting results. He didn’t see improvement in his physique & they weren’t tracking any health markers or measurements. Now, 10 weeks in to [...]