Can we change everyone?

Here’s a question I would argue a lot of coaches avoid. Can you change anyone ? Short answer, no we can’t. However, if you were to ask “do you have the tools to change anyone?” The answer would be 100% yes.  Now, I’ve been in the industry long enough and spent plenty of time and [...]

Success leaves clues

Think of someone you consider to be “successful.” Now this doesn’t have to be related to the gym , this could be someone at work , someone that excels at a certain hobby etc. Stop and think about what attributes that person has that has contributed to towards their success. Let’s say it’s the CEO [...]

Diets have 5% a success rate

Diets have a 5% success rate with people usually sticking to them for a maximum of 6 weeks. This might not be a shock to you, you may have experienced it for yourself... but have you ever considered why? Most people approach a diet by restricting what they can do, avoiding foods and depriving themselves [...]

Why 0 to 100 doesn’t work!

Let’s break the habit of going from 0-100 on your weight loss journey. That attitude will ultimately lead to failure, stress and lack of belief. Some of you have probably wanted to lose weight for the last 5 years and never changed. You feel you've tried everything, so now you simply don’t beleive you can. [...]