Be the architect of your life

🔥Be the Architect of your life.🔥 Are you going to sit back and let shit happen to you? Or are you going to take control for yourself? I was speaking to a guy yesterday who I invited onto our programme. Our consult ended up going on for 2 hours, which is a record. Usually they [...]

The tank of stress

We need stress. Fact. If we didn’t have stress we would die .... so safe to say it’s pretty important! But it’s chronic stress that can become a huge problem and will affect many things in the body which impact health and our ability to stick to any sort of plan when it comes to [...]

How to handle stress

When it comes to stress management most people think more training is better. One of my clients was in this exact position. He was hitting 3 weight sessions, 2 CrossFit sessions and 2 sprint and conditioning sessions a week plus Football on Sundays. He was struggling massively with fatigue and was relying on pre workouts [...]

No gym & 2 stones down!

Lisa my client is 8 weeks in. Lisa has lost 16cm from her waist 19cm from her hips 15cm from her thighs. Just under 2stone down. And we didn’t even hit the gym till 6 weeks in. Now we are only Hitting gym sessions that are 20 minute max. So how have we got these [...]