Small wins matter

I tell all of our clients that small wins matter. They build up, they add up. People look for the big wins and big changes but they come from evolving and changing gradually over time. The small things you do consistently every day are far better than doing something amazing once a month. I don’t [...]

The key is gratitude

The two emotions that hold people back from achieving results the most are anger and fear. People act and react out of anger and fear all the time but there's an antidote... gratitude. You can't be angry or fearful at the same time as being grateful. Be grateful for the little and big things, from [...]

Don’t let fear win.

”I’m afraid of failure… What if I fail? What will people think of me?” What about if you succeed? What will that achieve? Even if you don't get it totally right now, but you head down the path of trying to change your body and health… what will happen? Lose weight, improved self-image, greater self-belief, [...]

Why 0 to 100 doesn’t work!

Let’s break the habit of going from 0-100 on your weight loss journey. That attitude will ultimately lead to failure, stress and lack of belief. Some of you have probably wanted to lose weight for the last 5 years and never changed. You feel you've tried everything, so now you simply don’t beleive you can. [...]