Are you in this routine?

You go to bed every evening with the same thoughts running through your head “right tomorrow I’m going to be up early , hit the gym , get my food all sorted for the day. Tomorrow it begins. The start of the new me!” Tomorrow comes around , the alarm goes off. You snooze it. [...]

Are you in the same position?

Client told me he couldn’t get up no matter what he tried before 7am. Never had Time for the gym. Didn’t have time for food in the morning. Couldn’t allocate Time to himself (something we call YOU time for clients) Flip the switch 4 weeks later. I woke up to a text off him this [...]

Understanding your pain

If your body is tight, achey and inflamed; low on energy, lethargic or even exhausted; anxious, feeling hopeless, down and full of negative emotions... Your body is telling you something. It can't speak in words but it can speak in pain. This is a feedback tool for you to make change... Improve nutrition and fuel your body [...]