What i want to feel this year?

🏆🔥So we launched a new programme for guys.🔥🏆 ♥️Called the Better man programme.♥️ Now I thought this year; I'm going to do this programme too. I'm going to be accountable to my Team & clients. And create pressure for myself, which is always needed to drive me forward. And I want to show them what [...]

8 week results!

🏆One of our enrollments to our programme in December  🏆 He's worked through just one phase we call the slingshot effect. Now this is exciting for us, as phase 1 our main focus is habit forming, building in daily routines, improving our clients discipline, enhancing their mindset & optimizing their health. Next phase we ramp it [...]

Be the architect of your life

🔥Be the Architect of your life.🔥 Are you going to sit back and let shit happen to you? Or are you going to take control for yourself? I was speaking to a guy yesterday who I invited onto our programme. Our consult ended up going on for 2 hours, which is a record. Usually they [...]