Are these habits letting you down?

🔥Small details matter🔥 Those little decisions like snoozing in the morningThose little habits that you know you should but aren’t doing.Missing workout or skipping it till later on knowing you won’t go.Not drinking that water you know you shouldNot tracking elements of your nutrition, training or performance you know you shouldSkipping that one-morning routine, then [...]

Can we change everyone?

Here’s a question I would argue a lot of coaches avoid. Can you change anyone ? Short answer, no we can’t. However, if you were to ask “do you have the tools to change anyone?” The answer would be 100% yes.  Now, I’ve been in the industry long enough and spent plenty of time and [...]

Successful weight loss

The success of your results when it comes to weight loss , depends on the habits and systems you have created on a daily basis . Now willpower may pull you through 2 weeks 4 weeks maybe even 8/12 weeks , but then you will crash and burn or go back to old ways or [...]

Binge eating

Where's my binge eating crew at? Look we've all been guilty of this. It causes a massive impact on our lives; the results we see and our feelings towards food and fitness. It might feel like you're sabotaging yourself or constantly binge eating, but are you? Write down the hours you binge eat. For lot's [...]

Life is about fulfilment

Eating will never fill the gaps of what you're missing in life. No matter how much you binge or comfort eat, it won't be enough to make you fell happier or fulfilled. You will keep chasing and eating more and more comfort food and before you know it you're in a vicious cycle. We've all [...]

Are your beliefs holding you back?

First you make your beliefs; then your beliefs make you. So be aware of what you're thinking at all times. Thinking you're not good enough, or that you can never lose weight, get fit, be happy, have money, find the right relationship is toxic. If you think it enough, guess what? It will come true. Your [...]

Understanding your pain

If your body is tight, achey and inflamed; low on energy, lethargic or even exhausted; anxious, feeling hopeless, down and full of negative emotions... Your body is telling you something. It can't speak in words but it can speak in pain. This is a feedback tool for you to make change... Improve nutrition and fuel your body [...]