Life is about fulfilment

Eating will never fill the gaps of what you're missing in life. No matter how much you binge or comfort eat, it won't be enough to make you fell happier or fulfilled. You will keep chasing and eating more and more comfort food and before you know it you're in a vicious cycle. We've all [...]

Are your beliefs holding you back?

First you make your beliefs; then your beliefs make you. So be aware of what you're thinking at all times. Thinking you're not good enough, or that you can never lose weight, get fit, be happy, have money, find the right relationship is toxic. If you think it enough, guess what? It will come true. Your [...]

Health mode vs. Beast mode

Some people think I must 'beast' my clients to them results. They're wrong. The first thing I do is get my clients healthy; minimise stress, optimise gut function and work on their mind and emotional wellbeing. Then when they're in a good place I push them. Being smashed by your trainer and eating low calorie [...]

Human vs. Gremlin

Have you ever been in a restaurant when you say to yourself "I’m dieting I’ll have a salad"... Then a split second later that little gremlin brain pops up in your brain... "hmmm are you sure? Last time we had a burger it tasted so good" You: "No... I’m staying strong I'll have salad" Gremlin: "But [...]

Stay in your lane and focus!

Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, what level of results they're getting or how good they look compared to you. Stick to the main weight loss principles day in day out, do your best to be consistent and your results will flow. We all have different physiology. We all have different stressors. We all [...]