Can we change everyone?

Here’s a question I would argue a lot of coaches avoid. Can you change anyone ? Short answer, no we can’t. However, if you were to ask “do you have the tools to change anyone?” The answer would be 100% yes.  Now, I’ve been in the industry long enough and spent plenty of time and [...]

Are you trying to “get lucky?”

If you’re not tracking or “ball parking” your intake over the weekend , you’re likely going to be over consuming. Weekends are notorious for trashing your weeks progress. We see it time and time again. “I deserve a treat.” ”I’ve been really good so far this week so I can get away with it.” ”I’ll [...]

Health mode vs. Beast mode

Some people think I must 'beast' my clients to them results. They're wrong. The first thing I do is get my clients healthy; minimise stress, optimise gut function and work on their mind and emotional wellbeing. Then when they're in a good place I push them. Being smashed by your trainer and eating low calorie [...]

Taking Action

Struggling to find motivation, to keep on going or even to get started on your goal? Stop for a second and think of the long term effect of taking action... Improved health, energy, drive, confidence, self belief, mood, and sleep. Looking and feeling better Enjoying social occasions Improved focus and performance at work. Increased sex drive [...]

Struggling with overwhelm?

People get overwhelmed by the big goal because they’re trying to juggle before they can catch. When you break your goal down into the small milestones and tasks it’s so much easier to improve and stick to it. You begin to see your progress building from the ground up. You understand what is working and why… [...]