Are you in this routine?

You go to bed every evening with the same thoughts running through your head “right tomorrow I’m going to be up early , hit the gym , get my food all sorted for the day. Tomorrow it begins. The start of the new me!” Tomorrow comes around , the alarm goes off. You snooze it. [...]

You can change!

How many of us feel so locked in to our current mindset and beliefs that we simply cannot see change happening? How many of us convince ourselves that we are destined to be the same person for the rest of our lives ? I would argue a LOT of us ! When you say to [...]

Don’t let fear win.

”I’m afraid of failure… What if I fail? What will people think of me?” What about if you succeed? What will that achieve? Even if you don't get it totally right now, but you head down the path of trying to change your body and health… what will happen? Lose weight, improved self-image, greater self-belief, [...]