small details matter

Small details matter Those little decisions like snoozing in the morning Those little habits that you know you should but aren’t doing. Missing workout or skipping it till later on knowing you won’t go. Not drinking that water you know you should Not tracking elements of your nutrition, training or performance you know you should [...]

Why you need more than a food plan!

There is Information overload all over the internet on how to lose weight & feel great, all with different opinions and ideas. There is no wonder people are confused, overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, so never end up getting started. People are just told "Make sure you are in calorie deficit & and [...]

How to handle stress

When it comes to stress management most people think more training is better. One of my clients was in this exact position. He was hitting 3 weight sessions, 2 CrossFit sessions and 2 sprint and conditioning sessions a week plus Football on Sundays. He was struggling massively with fatigue and was relying on pre workouts [...]

I f*cked up

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a young coach in my early days was thinking everybody could train and eat like me at the time, putting life on hold and focusing solely on that goal. Yes this worked for a lot of clients and I used to get a lot of transformations but [...]

No gym & 2 stones down!

Lisa my client is 8 weeks in. Lisa has lost 16cm from her waist 19cm from her hips 15cm from her thighs. Just under 2stone down. And we didn’t even hit the gym till 6 weeks in. Now we are only Hitting gym sessions that are 20 minute max. So how have we got these [...]