Struggling to get going?

😭Struggling to get going?😭 - Create a strategy & get clear.- plan out your big goal, and milestones along the way.- Hire a coach/mentor to keep you accountable to that plan.- stick to the process & don’t deviate & get distracted.- review your progress minimum weekly, preferably daily.- Acknowledge you will get stuck, but keep [...]

What i want to feel this year?

🏆🔥So we launched a new programme for guys.🔥🏆 ♥️Called the Better man programme.♥️ Now I thought this year; I'm going to do this programme too. I'm going to be accountable to my Team & clients. And create pressure for myself, which is always needed to drive me forward. And I want to show them what [...]

More energy, sex & less stress?

🏆🔥Meet our client Scott. He’s not interested in abs.🏆🔥 ✅Instead he’s interested in having more energy, less stress and anxiety, and getting back down to a 34inch waist. ✅He wants to be able to run around with his kids. To feel more emotionally in control & improve his life in work and at home. ✅In [...]

Are these habits letting you down?

🔥Small details matter🔥 Those little decisions like snoozing in the morningThose little habits that you know you should but aren’t doing.Missing workout or skipping it till later on knowing you won’t go.Not drinking that water you know you shouldNot tracking elements of your nutrition, training or performance you know you shouldSkipping that one-morning routine, then [...]

8 week results!

🏆One of our enrollments to our programme in December  🏆 He's worked through just one phase we call the slingshot effect. Now this is exciting for us, as phase 1 our main focus is habit forming, building in daily routines, improving our clients discipline, enhancing their mindset & optimizing their health. Next phase we ramp it [...]