What does 6 month progress look like?

🔥One of my clients has been with me now 6 months.🔥 This time last year he was tired, overweight, & lacked total confidence & belief in himself. He didn’t have the energy & motivation for the gym, which is understandable as was too tired & busy at work, and had a young family. Then to [...]

Struggling to get going?

😭Struggling to get going?😭 - Create a strategy & get clear.- plan out your big goal, and milestones along the way.- Hire a coach/mentor to keep you accountable to that plan.- stick to the process & don’t deviate & get distracted.- review your progress minimum weekly, preferably daily.- Acknowledge you will get stuck, but keep [...]

What i want to feel this year?

🏆🔥So we launched a new programme for guys.🔥🏆 ♥️Called the Better man programme.♥️ Now I thought this year; I'm going to do this programme too. I'm going to be accountable to my Team & clients. And create pressure for myself, which is always needed to drive me forward. And I want to show them what [...]

More energy, sex & less stress?

🏆🔥Meet our client Scott. He’s not interested in abs.🏆🔥 ✅Instead he’s interested in having more energy, less stress and anxiety, and getting back down to a 34inch waist. ✅He wants to be able to run around with his kids. To feel more emotionally in control & improve his life in work and at home. ✅In [...]