About us

We’re helping people to achieve physical transformations & peak performance in all areas of their life.

Fox Physique is a movement of people – currently over 10,000 strong. We produce cutting edge coaching and education for peak physical and mental performance at work and at home. We want to help everyone who joins us to make life-altering transformations and feel benefits that go well beyond just the physical.

Clients come to us from all over the world and when they do they could be feeling stressed, anxious, unhappy with their body, suffering health issues; tired of not seeing results. Our role is to use our skills and knowledge to turn this around.

Our programmes go much deeper than exercise and diet. We establish the importance of all three pillars; Mind, Health & Body from the get go. Then we use bespoke programming, personal contact and leading-edge technology to keep clients on track and seeing results long term.

Lots of people ask if we’re an alternative to a Personal Trainer. We’re not. A Personal Trainer focuses on 4% of your day whilst you’re in the gym… we focus on 100%. From the second you wake up to the moment you go to bed, we coach you through every part of your day.

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