About us

We help  men  achieve physical transformations & peak performance in all areas of their life.

Fox Physique is a movement of men  currently over 10,000 strong.

Our better man programme has delivered over 1,000 transformations alone in the last 5 years.

We produce cutting edge coaching and education for peak physical and mental performance at work and at home.

We want to help guys who are fed up of feeling stuck.

Guys who join our programme  from all over the world and when they do they come to us feeling stressed, anxious, unhappy with their body, suffering health issues; tired of not seeing results.

Our role is to use our skills and knowledge to turn this around, and make them a better man.

Our life-altering transformations and feel benefits that go well beyond just the physical. 

Our programmes go much deeper than exercise and diet.

We will work you through 4 phases on our programme, which has been created over the past 7 years.

Phase 1 – slingshot

Phase 2 – reconnect

Phase 3 – athlete

Phase 4 – mastery

Our bespoke programming, coaching  & cutting-edge technology is used to  clients to get our clients jaw dropping results & achieve their life long results.

❌If you want more than just weight loss.

❌You have had enough of roller coaster results

❌Sick of not sticking to your own promises or living to your fullest.

✅You want Optimal energy.

✅Consistent high performance

✅More confidence & self belief.

🏆Want to be able to sleep like a king.

🏆Have improved sex life & drive.

🏆And get the body, mindset & fitness you have always wanted.

Find out how we could help you here.