What i want to feel this year?

🏆🔥So we launched a new programme for guys.🔥🏆

♥️Called the Better man programme.♥️

Now I thought this year; I’m going to do this programme too.

I’m going to be accountable to my Team & clients.

And create pressure for myself, which is always needed to drive me forward.

And I want to show them what you can achieve while having a child & being a dad.

While growing a business, and being limited on time.

While running a team

While dealing with over 150 people daily.

🔥So I sat down and wrote down my goals for this year, with my body.🔥

This was great; i created a roadmap.

I reverse-engineered it back and set weekly milestones.

I then set daily process goals.

And I planned my day meticulously on my calendar.

To leave nothing to chance.

🙌But what is going to be the difference-maker this year?🙌

As the last two years, it hasn’t been a priority to go to the next level with my body, I’ve got good results but not Exceptional results

like between 2014-2018.

Well, it is a flip in persepctive, I’m not doing this to be shredded any more.

🔥So what am I doing this for?🔥

What feelings do I want??

I want to feel proud of my body again.

I want to be even more of an accomplished leader to my clients & Team, and that means me showing the way.

I want an abundance of energy – so I can keep growing the business, and looking after my family, and do the things I want to do.

I want to feel like I’m a consistently high performing

i want to feel like I’m continually growing

I want to feel secure in myself emotionally.

I want to feel motivated & driven daily

I want to feel like I’m in my zone of genius daily.

I want to feel like an athlete again.

I want to feel proud of my body & business with no short cuts taken, just hard, consistent work & progress.

I want to feel uncomfortable daily and not settling for anything less than the best.

🤔So What feelings do you want this year?🤔

What will achieving your goals make you feel like?

No, it isn’t enough to write down these feelings, you must remind yourself of them daily, and review them daily.

You must be honest about how far away you are from achieving this and create a plan to change this.

And more importantly, be accountable to people daily. Otherwise, there’s no commitment or pressure 😉

If you’re committed to change but not sure how,

Reach out