What does 6 month progress look like?

🔥One of my clients has been with me now 6 months.🔥

This time last year he was tired, overweight, & lacked total confidence & belief in himself.

He didn’t have the energy & motivation for the gym, which is understandable as was too tired & busy at work, and had a young family.

Then to compound things he didn’t sleep well, which in turn made him more tired & stressed, and each day felt like groundhog day.

🏆NOW Fast forward 6 months.🏆

My client is now hitting x 3 sessions from his home gym.

He’s 7 inches from his waist down. 

He’s sleeping 6-7 hours a night now.

Energy & performance at a all time high.

He is isn’t avoiding mirrors no more.

He’s even had two holidays, and for the first time in years, felt confident enough to take his top off.

His eating isn’t perfect, but its incorporated into a lifestyle he can enjoy & sustain while working away from home.

His daily rituals have had a massive upgrade, to give him control, & to focus in on & reflect on his goals daily.

This is why We dig a lot deeper than just a food & exercise plan, because that only gets momentum, but doesn’t create long-lasting change, you also need to tackle;

✅Your mindset
✅Your Stress
✅Your Poor health
✅Your Limiting Beliefs
✅Your Emotional control
✅Your Environment
✅Your Disempowering habits

Now my client has allowed me to coach him & listened, hence the result & change.

Best part is we are still only in phase 2 of our programme.

Phase 3 is where we really ramp up his training with big performance targets & goals.