More energy, sex & less stress?

🏆🔥Meet our client Scott. He’s not interested in abs.🏆🔥

✅Instead he’s interested in having more energy, less stress and anxiety, and getting back down to a 34inch waist.

✅He wants to be able to run around with his kids. To feel more emotionally in control & improve his life in work and at home.

✅In 4 weeks time we’ve brought his resting heart rate down from 81 to 58.

A rapid heart rate will make you feel more anxious, overwhelmed & stressed.
So getting healthier & fitter and bringing down your resting heart rate is always a focus.

His daily habits & rituals didn’t serve him or his goal well, so we flipped those. Changing his morning and night time routine to create 

He’s never been in the gym… and still hasn’t. That’s because we’ve
focused on nutrition, habits, daily rituals & walking; not smashing the gym.

Now we have his health & energy in a good place he doesn’t feel the need for many stimulants to pull him through the day.

His meals consisted of a bacon cobb and two takeaways each day.

Now he’s eating 3 good meals each day with a variety of different foods and plenty of fruit.

No sign of a ‘4 x white fish and veg’ meals around here; remember you have to enjoy your diet in order to sustain it!

He’s also down 12cm on his waist and down 10 pounds in weight so he’s having to buy new suits as a result!

But most importantly he has more productivity, more focus, drive & clarity at work.

This is just 6 weeks in… imagine where he will be in 6 month