Is this you?

First thing in the morning… 

😢wake up to go to the toilet, scroll through Facebook, check some emails or watch some TV; all while feeling groggy and tired. 

😟You eat the same cereal you have every morning, and drink the same coffee with milk. You think about how unhappy you are with your body, but you already fucked up your first meal so you think “Tomorrow I’ll do better!”

🤬You drive to work, get stuck in traffic, arrive late to work and see your boss who makes you instantly stressed. So what do you do by mid-morning? Reach for the cakes & muffins to get you through till lunch… healthy eating will have to wait until Monday!

😭Now you’ve made it past lunch to mid-afternoon. Your blood sugars have dropped and the brain fog has hit. Time to grab another cake.

🙄Now it’s 5pm… you feel rubbish and deflated. You get home and you’re too tired for the gym so it’s straight to making dinner. Something quick and easy should do the trick, but that leaves you feeling heavy and bloated – only wanting to sit on the sofa and watch TV. 

❌As you sit there feeling down on yourself, you get a surge of motivation… tomorrow will be different. You’ll get up earlier, sack off the sugary snacks, go to the gym. 

😢The next morning… alarm goes off, you hit snooze. You’re feeling tired, sluggish and overwhelmed. Today’s not the day to change… back to your phone and cereal it is.

And so it goes… on and on; day after day. It’s exhausting; you want to break out, but you cant.

We’ve all been there, but there is an alternative.

Who feels like they’re trapped in this cycle right now?