4kg & 2 inch’s from his waist, 1 month in!

One of my clients as just moved into phase 2 of our programme.

So far 1 month in

🏆He’s lost 4kg🏆
👏2 & a half inches from his waist 👏

🔥Morning blood glucose down to a more stable range (5-5.5)- which means less energy dips & more focus & clarity.🔥

😊Sleep quality up, and sleep increased by a hour a night on average (now this is somebody who struggled to get to sleep & had maximum 3 hours sleep a night before joining us)

✅He’s implemented our 4 step morning routine – which gives him more energy, increases his productivity & allows him to win & crush the day.✅

Not a massive lifestyle overhaul yet, All we have done is tweaked his food.
Optimized his health
And focused on his daily habits.

We do this for a few reasons 
1. A client will stock to their plan
2. It builds up the clients belief & confidence – that they can change even if failed so much in the past.

Now he’s ready to push on, in phase 2 I expect him to drop another 4kg & 2inch’s from his waist.

This isn’t guessing, or hoping, or going from 0-100, we have meticulously planned out the strategy & road map.

And kept him accountable to it, most importantly.

5 months from now, he will be another 15kg down & 6inch’s from his waist.

If you are struggling 
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