You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

We all know the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

It really makes a lot sense when you relate it to your health and fitness.

Most of us in the past has been at some level of conditioning whether that body composition , performance , or simply feeling able to take on life better than they can today. Physically and mentally we are a product of our environment and the lifestyle we lead.

What we see a lot as coaches is people that let it get to a point where they feel so far from where they want to be or have been and the path just seems too daunting and beliefs are so limited that it becomes a real challenge to take the steps and set the wheels turning on a journey to a better you.

You can’t start a fire unless you ignite the flame. That initial spark is crucial. It’s one of those “screw it I am doing this” moments that we all need to get it started. Now then end goal may be a longer road, but the short terms and smaller rewards you may not have thought of along the journey fuel that fire of motivation more than you can imagine.

When you notice you’re-

– sleeping better
– able to climb that flight of stairs without feeling out of breath
– feeling more mentally alert and memory coming back
– people wanting to be in your company more.
– people becoming inspired by your journey
– clearer skin
– more energy
– more confidence
– clothes getting looser (or tighter if you want to gain!)

Those little motivational drivers are so powerful and will keep the ball of progress rolling throughout your journey.

Don’t wait for a fire of motivation, create the spark and let your progress fuel your flames!