You can change!

How many of us feel so locked in to our current mindset and beliefs that we simply cannot see change happening?

How many of us convince ourselves that we are destined to be the same person for the rest of our lives ?

I would argue a LOT of us !

When you say to yourself –

“I want to change” “

“I want a body I can be proud of “

“I want to feel happier and more confident in my own skin.”

Do you actually believe it’s possible or is this just a wish in your opinion ?

There is no proof there is a god but people turn up at church every Sunday to worship one right ? See where I’m going with this ?

Now me personally , I’m an atheist ! But religion aside , what is 100% reality is you CAN change your body and mind. That there is no debate.

Just because you’ve never seen yourself as the person you want to be does this mean you don’t pursue it ?

Did you see yourself doing what you do for a living now ?

Did you see yourself being a parent ?

Essentially did you see yourself where you are in life right now many many years ago?

Or did you follow some sort of routine over the years that led you to where you are now ?

So essentially what we can agree is you can start and continue on a journey to anything .. you just need to prioritize the destination!