The science behind your energy dips.

Are you lacking energy throughout the day?

Are you highly irritable around meal times?

When you have carby meals do you feel tired?

Do your emotions swing up and down?

Is your ability to concentrate poor and does it get worst through the day?

Is your diet based around carbohydrates as you feel that its needed to lift you up?

Are carbohydrates bad? NO

First of all we have to understand the basics of blood sugar regulation!

We eat food

This travels through the digestive tract and gets assimilated into its specific molecules

These specific molecules all have different jobs

Carbohydrates speciffically are broken down into glucose

Glucose is our bodies main source of fuel/energy and its main priority is to get into our cells to enter our mitochondria to produce atp (in the long run)

Now glucose can’t enter through the cell wall as the cell wall is made up of fat

So it requires insulin to signal a message by binding to the cells receptors to tell our cells that there’s glucose wanting to come in

Through a chain of events the cell then basically pushes up funnels to the top of the cells to allow the glucose inside (These are known as our glut-4 transporters)

Pretty smart right!

So what happens if you allow this process to happen too much and theres too much insulin being secreted all the time?

The cells receptors basically become ineffeicent

This is known as insulin resistance

Then the sugar can’t get in to the cells and your blood glucose levels build up very very high.

Then all the issues start too occur…

So how can I fix this?

1. Steady state cardio – First step for me would be a cardio routine to trigger our exercise dependent glucose funnels (glut-4 transporters)
2. Regulate your own blood sugars – Base your meals around protein and fats, and keep your carbohydrates around the evening or around training windows!
3. Stress management! – Yes chilling the fuck out is a huge factor to improving your blood glucose levels as when our sympathetic nervous systems are elevated we release to glucose into the blood to give us more energy to get us out of this stressful situation! (Pretty clever right)

Stats today are pretty high with diabetes and even pre diabetes! Its estimated that 1 in 3 people are pre diabetic and about 80-90% of them don’t even know about it!

So if you feel like your struggling with blood sugar issues!

If you have energy crashes throughout the day!

If you struggle with brain fog, concentration and are easily irritable!

Give me a shout!!!