Success leaves clues

Think of someone you consider to be “successful.”

Now this doesn’t have to be related to the gym , this could be someone at work , someone that excels at a certain hobby etc.

Stop and think about what attributes that person has that has contributed to towards their success.

Let’s say it’s the CEO of your company. Maybe your are the CEO of your company!

Have they/you got to that position by doing the bare minimum day in day out ? Ticked a few boxes and hoped for the best? Or has their been a relentless pursuit of making progress over time knowing that the pay off will come.

I think we can safely say there has been!

So when it comes to your health and body composition look at it the same way. For you to be the best version of you it needs to be considered a long term project rather than a short term mission.

This is why our MALE MASTERY program has been designed to work our clients through 4 phases.

Phase 1 – Slingshot
Phase 2 – Reconnect
Phase 3 – Athlete
Phase 4 – Mastery

These 4 phases make up the cement that mean your results, habits and routines stick around FOR LIFE!

Want to know more? Reach out and we will show your more about how we work here at Fox Physique.