Sleepless, emotional and weight gain.

Do you wake up early hours before you alarm goes off and just lay there?

Are you feeling really emotional for no reason at all?

Have you had a bout of unexpected weight gain that seems to be distributed around the chest, mid section and hips?

Do you have episodes of feeling lost and down?

Have had a massive decrease in stamina and your muscles seem to feel sorer then usual

Is your sex drive at an all time low, to the point there just isn’t any interest?

Unfortunately this is a common theme for our male clients over the age of 40 and we see the pattern time and time again.

As you can imagine we get a lot of unexplained symptoms and just learn to live with them?

If your going to gym and you don’t want to be there, how is your exercise programme going to work for you?

If your jumping on a diet to loose weight but your energy levels and your mood is already extremely low how is that going to serve you?

People like to run before they walk and are confused when they get nowhere fast!

Theres plenty of men jumping on our programme and having there health changed around in phase 1.

We are working on there mindset and pyhschology, building up a great aerobics base and making them feel great before we start pushing there bodies.

We lay down the foundations of healthy diet, nourishing there bodies and making them feel healthy before we start focusing on pushing there weight down – even though this becomes a result naturally.

And we find out what there current habits and routines are and change things up so that they actually serve them to succeed and not to fail – which is always the problem!