Mens problems in their 30’s & 40s.

Common theme of men that come to us in the 30s and 40s.

Unable to sleep at night.

Highly stressed.

Poor mood and low energy.

Mood seems to be getting worse and your relationships are taking the hit.

Foul smelling gas that your extremely embarrassed about.

Unable to tolerate most foods.

Ashamed about your body imagine and feel embarrassed to go out with friends.

Rely on heavy stimulants to push through your day.

And alcohol is definitely a problem.

The issue with becoming highly stressed is that it has a downstream effect on the body.

Chronic upregulation of our sympathetic nervous system comes with a lot of downstream effects.

During the stressors our digestive tracts don’t function optimally, now let’s think if we are constantly stressed, our digestive tracts are slowly switching off gradually getting less and less efficient to the point we are unable to assimilate our food.

This has more consequences as our stressed out digestive tracts create more stress on the body and that allostatic bucket fills up even more drop by drop.

When you get to bed you just lay there exhausted but wired, thoughts racing through your head and you just lay there for hours.

Your activated fight or flight response makes you sharp and snappy, you become easily irritable and constantly feel iver angry or down and emotional.

Look, there’s plenty we can do in this situation but let’s be real does it sound like a diet plan and training plan is really going to help you and your problems?

The answer is no.

You need routines, you need habits and you definitely need to find something to break the habit of you.

It’s really easy making a change sometimes it’s just the first step that’s the daunting part.

Once you join our programme you get community and people who are in the same boat as you, support to help you through your journey to better health.

We create an environment that allows you to thrive, that’s designed to switch your psychology around and create a version of you that you didn’t even realise was possible. 

Two options, one just sit there watching this page thinking if it will work for you, or chuck your self in the deep end and get what you want?

Choice is yours