Jason the 40 year old who hates his body and the way he feels.

Jason is 40 years old fed up with his body and the way he feels.

He’s a busy man with a high work load.

Working for his family he goes to work for 12-14 hours a day and it’s starting to take it tole 

His energy is up and down throughout the day 

His digestion is off constantly gassy and belching.

He’s highly irritable and unable to focus on tasks 

He’s well overweight.

And can’t turn down the biscuits or the chip shop at dinner with the lads .

Desperately he’s need to change but whenever he try’s within a few weeks he gives it up as he just doesn’t have the time.

When we become highly stressed the whole body takes a hit, over time we see up regulation of certain process such as heart rate and blood pressure but a down regulation of things like digestion and mood.

So this comes at a price of bad health that’s worsening over time and puts you in a loophole of making bad decisions.

Our ability to make decisions is effected and we will easily self sabotage which means no will power when it comes to nutritional decisions.

So the first step.

Morning routine of meditation and journalling – to win the morning, gain control and become clear on what’s got to be done to move forward.

Fix the diet up to control blood sugar – this will help with keeping his mood stable and give him better energy levels and mental performance.

Stress management protocols, such as walks in nature, pencilling in time to be spent with family and hot baths after long stressfull days to help his body turn off that fight or flight mode.

Get him drinking 2-3 litre of good quality water and cut off the caffeine to help with his mental clarity and reduce stress once again.

These 4 things will have the biggest shift in how he’s feeling and performing and there so

Simple to do…

No doubt in 4-6 weeks Jason will feel better then he has in years.

His confidence will be higher.

His stress will be lower. 

And his energy levels higher.

If your a busy guy with high stress levels and low energy reach out