Its time to change.

Last year you had no energy

You were unhappy with the way you looked

You weren’t happy with your performance at work

And simple tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning were difficult

Now here’s the thing

Sure you feel like this year is going to be your year, but by doing the same things and not having a plan in place nothing will change

That dream of being the best version of you will soon fade out

You may have all the intentions to getting started but without a switch in your habits and routines, you’ll quickly fall back into your old ways.

Changing your habits and routines is like switching lanes and changing gears at the same time.

Join us on our program, and you’ll have the path shown to you

Our slingshot phase has been designed perfectly for you

Our first pillar focuses on pulling things right back to prime your body to shoot forward at high speeds further down the line.

We will first of all begin by tracking your waking heart rate and heart rate variability. This will give us data to determine how able your body is to deal with stress on a day to day basis.

Improving this is going to be a massive game-changer for your health, the way you feel, and how you perform.

You will be set basic morning and evening routines to give you control back and set a foundation for each day.

This will set you up for success in our following phases, where you will be developed mentally and physically and pushed into a new version of you!

The people joining our program on the 6th of Jan

They’ll be less stressed allowing the body to perform better physically and mentally

They’ll be less anxious, so they’ll have more clarity on what there doing day to day

They’ll fit their clothes better so they’ll feel amazing when out for social occasion

They’ll outperform themselves at work, making them better at progressing through there career or business.

And they’ll have the road mapped out for them and be highly motivated for what’s coming for them in phase 2