Does it matter one day and not the next?

How many of you have been here ?

That big moment “right that’s it , change needs to happen, I’m gonna get fit , get healthy and lose some weight.”

Then you get caught in one of those social situations and all of a sudden you find yourself searching for reasons to justify moving away from your initial plan.

“Ah you only get one life , why be so restrictive?!”

“ Now is probably not the best time anyway as I’ve got that event coming up in a couple of weeks.”

“Probably best start again on Monday then I will have a clean slate. I’ll enjoy this weekend.”

“I reckon I will get away with it, I’ve done a bit of walking this weekend and wasn’t too bad with my food yesterday.”

Come on , how many of those have you said to yourself folks ! I know I have ! 

This is why reminding yourself EVERYDAY , why you are doing what you are doing. Don’t let your goals get pushed to the back of your heads. They have to compete with so many other thoughts a day anyway , (Most being negative ones ) so let’s give them a chance right !?

Don’t just write down – “ I want to lose weight.”

Think deeper.

I want to lose weight because –

I want to feel more confident in my clothes on nights out.

I want to feel more respected.

I want to feel proud of myself.

I want to inspire my friends and family.

I want to live longer

I want to be happier

Tap into your pains and make them real.

Do this everyday and you will have much more focus on your goals and see off that sabotaging internal language that has constantly failed you.