Do you have trouble with sleep?

Do you wake up and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus?

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed each day?

Do you require multiple alarms to wake you up?

When you get out of bed does it take a couple of coffees and maybe some high carb foods to wake you up?

Does it take your hours of tossing and turning before you can finally drop off?

Are you highly irritable in the first few hours of being awake?

OR are you on the other side?

Do you wake up really early, well before your alarm even when your extremely tired?

Do you drop to sleep easy but find yourself waking up multiple times during the night?

When you wake up in the early hours of the morning do you get up and do something or do you just lie there?

Do you find yourself quick to react to conversations and feel like you take everything the wrong way?

Are you emotionless upon wake and can find yourself just laying there?

Sleep is a tricky equation to solve and will literally keep you up at night thinking about how you can solve it?

If you struggle with sleep your weightloss, muscle building and health WILL take a backseat, without good quality sleep your body will not be able to recover appropriately and eventually will cease to function the way it should…

However I’m a nice guy so here’s 5 tips that will have a huge impact on improving your sleep!!!

1: Control blood sugar – Structure your diet to control your blood glucose levels sounds fancy but simply basing your meals around protein and fats will help massively, carbs are cool but saving them for the evening will help out.

2: Circadian rhythm – Our body runs off a clock as I’m sure you know, waking up at the same time every morning and going to bed at the same time each night will help regulate this rhythm, the most powerful hack would be to get sunlight in your eyes and skin in the first hour of being awake.

3: Cut caffeine out – Yeah cutting caffeine out would be your best bet not willing to do that then limit your intake to a couple of cups a day and introduce a curfew of 2pm LATEST.

4: Optimise sleep environment – Pitch black room, no sound (use earplugs), cool temperature.

5: Evening routine – Just find something that chills you out, something that takes your mind off the day will be super powerful for helping you sleep, hot bath/shower, deep breathing, read a book eassyyy.

Consistency is key and its pretty easy to get to work on them steps right away just give it some time