Dave and his body image issues.

Dave came to me with body image issues.

He was ashamed of the way his body was looking and his health was suffering massively.

His insecurities were effecting his relationship and his mental health was suffering

He had a history of alcohol abuse due to the job he worked and would drink ale most night

The biggest issue to this was his health was deteriorating

Chronic gut problems, extremely bad gas that he was extremely embarrassed about

Few years of visiting hospitals taking there advice and getting know where he was given the IBS card and chucked on a low fodmap diet.

This did not help.

Here’s what I did….


Morning and Evening routines to calm his mind and emotions

Gave him dietary advice based on a comprehensive health screening that I give all my clients

Utilised a food diary and symptom log and made changes every other day so we could see what foods were bothering.

No loose stools

No gas

No issues

Symptoms stabilised 

Sleeping through the night no problems 

And a full stone down…

How long did this take?

6 weeks….

It’s just the start for Dave, you watch for this transformation