Conversations with a 30 year old.

He absolutely hated the way he looked.

Was around 10 kilos overweight and he was well aware of that.

Extremely anxious and had 0 confidence so wouldn’t go out to social occasions.

He was performing terribly at work without any drive or motivation to get anything done.

He was regularly late as he couldn’t get up in the morning and would require ridiculous amounts of caffeine before he could get moving – Usual story I know.

So as we got through the call I asked him about what he had previously tried to do to fix his problems.

Pretty much like most people gym 5 times a week, new diet plan (no carbs).

4-6 weeks of rapid fat loss.

Old habits creep in, motivation and will power out the window, life gets in the way and you just forget about the new year new me business.

So I said cool here’s what where going to do.

Lay out new habits and new routines.

First things first get you handling your stress better and increasing your HRV.

Learn you to chill out and take time for yourself goes a long way and will get you more results long term then driving your self into the ground – believe me.

Morning routine of some simple guided breathing to clear your mind and some journalling techniques to work on your self belief.

Evening routines focused on reflecting on your day so you can move forward and take steps into creating a better version of yourself and most importantly to wind you down to get restful deep sleep.

Ill find foods that work well for him and keep his blood sugars stable and respond well with his gut – this helps massively with reducing brain fog and giving you plenty of energy so your able to perform at a higher level.

Yes well get him training again but not smashing his body into the ground, ill start off with a low amount of training days at a higher training frequency with some aerobic work so that once again hell have more energy more confidence and not be as fatigued from training 5 days a week nailing as Many sets as he possibly can!

Now within 4-6 weeks hell be around 4 kilos down.

Hell be more confident.

His resting HR will be down and his HRV up.

Hell have more energy.

His focus and mental clarity will be sharp.

And hell be on the road to success.

Reach out and make a start!!!!