Catch up with an old client

I was talking to one of my old 121 clients recently that I coached for 18 months a couple of years back. (We’ve never lost touch purely because the jokes are way too good in each others company!) and we were discussing when he first came to me and how his life was then and how different it is now.

The first thing he said was “can you remember when I used to message you about how tired I was in the day and how you always used to respond with , did you do your evening and morning routine , to which my reply for the first 2-3 weeks was always , no ! “ 

He then went on to say how after working to change his routines to serve him better he felt more mentally clear at work , has since got 2 promotions and is now running his own project within his company based on ideas he has been having which before he never had the creativity to bring to life.

In his words “managing stress , improving my nutrition and increasing my aerobic activity and taking scheduled un interrupted time to myself literally made me feel like I was reborn!”

This for me was one of those proud coaching moments where I feel amazing about what I teach and embed in my clients.

So many of us have so much more to bring to life and giving people the tools to tap into that is the best feeling in the world.

If you feel that you aren’t being the best version of you , reach out , we can give you some guidance to start making some changes !