Can we change everyone?

Here’s a question I would argue a lot of coaches avoid.

Can you change anyone ?

Short answer, no we can’t.

However, if you were to ask “do you have the tools to change anyone?”

The answer would be 100% yes. 

Now, I’ve been in the industry long enough and spent plenty of time and money learning from the best and helped many many people transform their health and body composition. Call it arrogant but I don’t question whether I can change someone. I have 100% confidence in my ability to do that. If I didn’t I wouldn’t make a living as a coach right ?! 

The thing about a coaching service compared to a lot of things we invest in is that coaching is a 2 way street , it requires an input from you the client to bring about the finished product.

If we want to go to the shops and buy a bottle of wine we simply hand over the money and the end product is there ! We don’t pay the cashier then embark on a 12 week journey of following a plan day in day out before we can return and drink our bottle of wine.

The biggest reasons I see clients drop off and revert back to their old ways are usually-

They don’t see results quick enough and go in search of another product or service that is marketed well enough to make them believe that it will get them to their goal quicker.

They strive for perfection over progress and one little deviation from a plan will throw them in to “fuck it” mode and they reverse all their progress in a short space of time.

They don’t remind themselves of their goal daily and their minds drift and the goal falls into the back ground getting “lost in life.”

They try to “go it alone” with no one to be accountable to and soon find themselves falling back into old habits.

They tell themselves “life’s too short” (usually at the weekend) … and deviate from their plan holding on to a dream that they may just “get away with it” but soon realize when Monday comes around … they didn’t 😛

This is why we are very selective on the clients we work with at Fox Physique. We need to make sure anyone that invests in our coaching is a good fit for the way we coach.

If you work with us you WILL be journaling daily , you WILL be performing stress management protocols, you WILL be adopting a new morning and evening routine, you WILL prioritise optimising health as your first pillar.

We have built a reputation over the years as being the team that won’t just change your physique but your health and mind too.

If you are looking for a “8 week shred” program and simply a food and training plan , we are not the guys for you.

But if you want to be the best version of you physically and mentally and change for life , our team are ready when you are