Are you trying to “get lucky?”

If you’re not tracking or “ball parking” your intake over the weekend , you’re likely going to be over consuming.

Weekends are notorious for trashing your weeks progress. We see it time and time again.

“I deserve a treat.”

”I’ve been really good so far this week so I can get away with it.”

”I’ll just focus on getting some more steps in or get a gym session in.”

These are just some of the thoughts that go through our heads when we approach the weekend.

Unfortunately the truth is you are an simply trying to “get lucky.”

Take it from me , the ones that make consistent progress and own their weekend do the following.

Plan ahead for where they are going to be and what food options are available.

 Use tracking software’s to log their proposed caloric intake in advance.

Get a ball park idea of what caloric value some choices may contain if they are unable to use a tracking software.

Expend energy over the weekend but do not allow themselves to have a ticket to mindlessly eat and drink.

Do not let their morning and evening routines take the back seat so they still have a focused head on their shoulders and are prepared for the day.

Do this and you will move forward. 

Abuse this and the cold hard truth is , you will get nowhere.