Are you in this routine?

You go to bed every evening with the same thoughts running through your head “right tomorrow I’m going to be up early , hit the gym , get my food all sorted for the day. Tomorrow it begins. The start of the new me!”

Tomorrow comes around , the alarm goes off. You snooze it. “Just another 10 mins and I’ll get up.” 10 minutes later , just a little longer I’ve still got time… 20 minutes later.. “ah I don’t have time for the gym and preparing my food now.”

You start your working day , stress rising throughout the morning , “oh what’s this ! Joe has a pack of biscuits he is passing around the office ! Feeling a bit low in energy to be fair , I’ll have a couple!”

1 hour later… “I’m so tired! Def need a pick me up, Dave grab us a double espresso from the coffee machine while you’re up there mate!”

You grind out the rest of the day having been fuelled by a few coffees a sarnie and a couple of biscuits.

You get home with all intention of hitting the gym … your butt finds its way to the sofa….

What’s this ? The hunger sets in! What’s in the cupboards? Few snacks to keep you going while the frozen food goes in the oven.

You settle down for dinner in front of the tv , you hoover it down in 5 minutes… “I definitely fancy something sweet now you say!” To the biscuit cupboard! Down go a few more sugary snacks and you fall asleep on the sofa ready to do it all again the following day!

Does this sound like you ?

Well guess what , this is the program most the guys that come to us are running on a daily basis.

What to we do ? We run a 4 step formula to break these habits and re program.

Want to know the steps ?

Reach out and let’s us lay down the Fox Physique method!