Are you following a plan, or just trying to get lucky?

“A journey without direction will get you lost.”

I have fallen into the trap of this many times in the past, yes you heard right! Even us coaches have been there ! 😱

So many of us hit the gym , lift weights , frequently , throw in the odd cardio session , fitness class , we try to eat “better” but end up feeling that we just aren’t getting the returns for our effort.

I was the same for years.

These situations are sad because often the right intentions are there , and don’t get me wrong doing anything “better” than you were before is great.

However if you are wanting to change your
physique we need more direction and structure.

You can “get lucky” to a certain extent , drop a few lbs , feel better in your self for a period of time , but the art of physique development and results and keeping those changes coming in does require you to be accountable to variables.

Are you logging your progress when lifting weights , following a program and getting stronger?

Are your cardio sessions being tracked ? Frequency , duration , intensity?

Are you tracking daily steps?

Are you tracking your food intake or following a food plan?

The more variables you control the easier it will be to keep progressing as you can look at each area when results stall and make an adjustment to keep you moving forward.

You can end up in a position where when results stall you have no idea where any of the above variables are and therefore cannot make any changes to move forward.

Track variables , track progress and stay accountable and your results will come rolling in !