Are you eating healthy and still seeing no change?

I spoke to a guy recently who was frustrated that he wasn’t seeing any fat loss progress.

His words were – “Matt, I eat really healthy everyday, only meat,fish and plenty of fruit and veg and nuts. I feel good but just don’t seem to lose weight weight?”

So, let’s discuss!

Ok , 100% eat as many single ingredient foods as you can ! Optimal health should be your first pillar. BUT! Disregard portion control and over shoot your caloric intake for the day and you will NOT lose weight.

“Avocados and nuts for example are a “healthy” food choice but are also high in calories, eat too many of them a day …. you’re gonna gain weight.

Over eat EVEN from healthy foods and you won’t get far I’m afraid folks!

I will say however that increasing intake of vegetables and some fruit can often help to stay in a caloric deficit as the volume you can eat to fill you up coupled with the low caloric content can stop you over eating. The same can be true for proteins and good fats too. Longer satiety.

But the fact remains true.

– Consume nutrient dense foods WHILST controlling portion sizes and the results will come flying in !

– Focus on eating “healthier” and your body will certainly thank you for it , but your fat loss progress may not!

Don’t waste time trying to “get lucky” and structure a plan that addresses both optimal nutrition AND portion control and watch the change !