Are you an “all or nothing” person?

“Don’t stray so far you get lost”

I’ve seen A LOT of people going all or nothing right now.

7 days a week in the gym.

Saying no to any foods that are not nutrient dense.

Convincing themselves they are going to sustain this long term.

Don’t get me wrong if you have a clear goal. An event , a date to be at a certain point then by all means go all out with the knowledge it is building up to a specific event.

But the problem I see is those that adopt this “all or nothing approach” and they are chasing a body they can’t sustain long term with an approach they can’t sustain long term.

To sustain a reasonable physique all year round you need to do the following-

– Know when you are letting your habits slip and have strayed so far you might get lost (hence the title!)

– Know how to factor in foods you enjoy and balance with exercise output.

– Do not become the social recluse that people don’t invite you to things because “you’re no fun anymore.”

– Happiness is fuel to your journey. You need to be happy doing what you’re doing otherwise you are destined to fail.

I see it time and time again,a constant yo yo between , on it and off it. Feeling good and feeling crap.

Find a balance. You got to where you have by taking the piss. Learn when to hit the brakes before it goes too far and you resort to the all or nothing dieter again