Are you always “on and off” your plan?

I started working with a guy a few weeks back who was constantly trapped in this cycle.

“ yeah I’m gonna get shredded now, drinking stops here , nothing but health as my focus now guys “

2 weeks later… “yeah life’s too short ! You gotta be able to enjoy yourself!”

Following day … “right that’s it now , time to get back on it” enough is enough I’m gonna get in the best shape on my life now!”

And the cycle continued! 

So many of us get caught in this loop. It matters one day and it doesn’t the next. We want results but can’t seem to bring the consistency to go the distance.

Now does this mean you are destined to never achieve results ? Of course not ! Does this mean you are not following the right structure for you ? Absolutely!

Getting in good shape WILL require you to make some sacrifices. It doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate all the things you love. Weigh up what you are prepared to sacrifice and what you are not,then draw up the blue prints !

So what did we do ?

We agreed every 2 weeks we would need to factor in a night out with the boys. We set a caloric target for that day and went a little harder in the week to make more room for the weekends intake. We switched the beers to vodka and diet mixers and made sure the meals in the day were spot on.

The big weapon here was we always had something to look forward to. Lock in the discipline for a short period , then allow a bit of a sanity reset and go again. 

Yes the stricter you are the quicker your results will come in , but we need to work with what’s achievable not what’s most optimal.

If you struggle with this cycle , reach out to the team and let’s build the right plan for YOU!