A very common week we see!

You’ve spent Monday to Friday keeping control of your food intake , 4 gym sessions in the bag.

You feel good! I’ve finally got this you say!

Saturday evening hits. “Definitely deserve a little treat as I’ve absolutely smashed this week!”

The takeaway turns up at the door.

You quickly feel bloated and watery. Energy levels are low.

You start to feel like you’ve maybe made a bit of a dent in your progress now.

“Right let’s just get it out of my system tonight , it won’t do me any harm and tomorrow I’m straight back on it.”

Sunday hits. “Right I’m going to have a nice lie in this morning it’s been a tough week. “

It’s cold outside , it’s rainy , “ah those steps don’t really account for much!” One day off won’t hurt. Gym closes soon anyway so by the time I’m up and ready won’t have much time to do my workout. I’ll stick a film on!”

You waste the day on the sofa. Feeling sluggish and low in energy.

“Could really do with a pick me up, I’ll have a little snack from the biscuit cupboard, god that was nice , I’ll have a couple more.”

“Don’t need to track any of it , I’ll still be in a deficit to lose fat probably, haven’t eaten much today …”

Little later, after a few more snacks …

“Maybe I’m not in a deficit ? Hmmm, I’ll just write today off have a bit of a treat and start again tomorrow.”

Monday hits, you feel down , out of control , frustrated your have let the weekend sabotage you AGAIN.

Does this sound like you ?

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