zero carb diet & being skinny fat?

So today I signed up a guy that is ‘skinny fat.’

Now he’s been told by his old coach to do a zero carb diet.

This guy is skinny, and he wants a classic V shape.

Wider delts, bigger chest, thicker arms, tiny waist, for Vegas at the end of the summer.

Now the first thing I said to him is the first thing we will do once we write up your nutrition is you will need a minimum of 150g carbs a day to start.

Then we will need to bump your calories up gradually over the next 12 weeks.

And a week on week have you training more & more like a beast to transform your physique.

Now his old trainer, had him on zero carbs, x 2 core workouts, a full body workout & lots of HIIT cardio?


Now i will be straight up with you this will NEVER get you a physique if you are skinny fat.

You will just look a skinny version of yourself, and be disappointed with the end result.


Its time to learn how to train.

Time to grow some muscle.

Time to transform your physique.

I’m going to show you our clients physique in the next 3 months and show you how you should do it;)