small details matter

Small details matter

Those little decisions like snoozing in the morning

Those little habits that you know you should but aren’t doing.

Missing workout or skipping it till later on knowing you won’t go.

Not drinking that water you know you should

Not tracking elements of your nutrition, training or performance you know you should

Skipping that one-morning routine, then just passing it off.
“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Not Organizing your home and work life, so everything is all scrappy, and your head is clouded.

You may think they aren’t important.

But they are.

They add up, you’re either on positive or negative momentum, that one decision upon awakening, can set you up for the day.

That’s why for me as a coach I’m so big on the small details, what most don’t think of.

I’m so big on a morning routine, to create that forward momentum because then we are back in control.

Now it’s so easy to implement back in, but even easier to let go, & before you know your six months down the line, and don’t know why you can’t get motivated for the gym or take action.

Stop this in its tracks now.

Access your day, where are you going wrong?
Where do you need the most help?

Soon as you are self-aware, then you can make a change, and move forward.

If you are fed up of Yo-Yoing and want to change this year reach out.