“Danny i will be a tough challenge for you!”

One of my new clients has been with me for 2 weeks. The first thing he said when he joined was “I’ll be a tough challenge for you. I’ve got no motivation and I hate the gym!”

My response… “Give me 3 months and your health and well-being will be transformed!”

Here we are just 2 weeks in and guess what; he’s firing on all cylinders & motivated to do more.

I tell all my clients; motivation comes when you see progress. It’s simple – progress makes us feel happy and then we want more.

But motivation also comes from clarity in what you’re doing – knowing how you are going to get results and the route you’re going to take.

As soon as you see results the momentum builds and has a snowball effect.

This client has gone from broken 4 hours of sleep, going to bed at 2am. To bed at 11 pm and a better deeper quality of sleep.

He’s gone from walking 1000-2000 steps a day to 7000 steps a day.

He’s completed my 4 step morning routine daily.
He’s taking part in the first #uncomfortablechallenge for the year, which all of our clients are doing to help them grow & change as individuals.

And he’s managed to maintain daily reflection & reviews of his goals.

How many people can say that?

This is progress not perfection. We‘ve only managed 3 home workouts so far but we‘re on step 1 of this ladder and it’s looking good.

Next week we’ll be on step 2 and eventually we’ll be on step 10 and achieving his dream goal.

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