Consistency over intensity

Think how much knowledge you’d gain from reading 30 pages of a book a day…

30 pages a day would mean 10,950 pages in a year. That’s roughly 36 books!

The key here is consistency. 30 pages alone may be a small number but if you read that much consistently for a month, a year and 3 years you can see how it adds up.

I used to try and read intensely – a book in a week or 100 pages at a time. The result was me bouncing from book to book and never finishing one.

Consistency beats intensity every time.
20 minute workouts
5k steps
3 good meals
Morning routine & night time routine.

In 1 day this doesn’t sound a lot, but doing this everyday for a year would result in much better progress than 1 big training session a month or the odd fad diet here and there.

It’s not rocket science. Just show up every day and watch your progress and results build up like compound interest!
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