Commit to being great!

Commit to being great every single god damn day!

Not one day, but every single day, even when you don’t feel like it.

I used to struggle with this and be on it for 4-5 days off for two, in every aspect of my life.

And it was because I had no rules, I had no set standard to abide by every day.

So I wrote down what the best version of me looks like.
What do i have to do on a daily basis to be that new identity?

What are my habits?
What are my daily rituals?

Now I live by that.

I’ve got ten things down that will move me to be the best version of me.

Now, here’s the thing because I’m getting god damn good at hitting the process every day I’m changing & growing.

I could have this big goal of who I want to be & what I want.

But if I don’t follow the steps, I won’t get there.

So the first task write down what the best version of you looks like.

Then write down the process to achieve that.

You do that daily & commit to your new standard, every aspect of your life will change.