Human vs. Gremlin

Have you ever been in a restaurant when you say to yourself “I’m dieting I’ll have a salad”…

Then a split second later that little gremlin brain pops up in your brain… “hmmm are you sure? Last time we had a burger it tasted so good”

You: “No… I’m staying strong I’ll have salad”

Gremlin: “But you always have burger and it tastes so good, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t.”

You: “OOOh go on then”

The Gremlin wins again. Then, post burger… you feel shit, moody, fat and horrible! The problem is that now the spiral has begun. So instead of doing the right thing you decide to make yourself feel momentarily better with cake and ice cream, maybe even a beer.

It’s a vicious cycle and a prime example of bad communication between the different parts of your brain (some call it human vs. chimp).

You have to take control over both parts of your brain. Be clear in what you want and WHY you want it so that the gremlin or chimp can’t take over.

I constantly remind myself why I enjoy eating well… it makes me feel good and healthy, it makes me look good and I can get in the clothes I want. Reinforcing myself with positive emotions make the connection stronger so that next time I’m in the restaurant it’s my human brain that wins!

Positive affirmations aren’t some airy fairy notion… they work. This is why some people find dieting so easy – they see the beach with them looking amazing, getting lots of positive attention, full of confidence and feeling sexy.

Others don’t focus on these positive outcomes and instead fill their mind with the fact that they don’t want to eat well or don’t want to go to the gym.

Who do you think is going to see results?

A good morning routine is a great way of setting this up. Give yourself time to unscramble your thoughts, realign the language you’re using and draw the pictures you want to focus on your goal.