Type 2 diabetic & transforming her life!

All Our team is killing at the minute but i want a special shout out to one of my clients this week.

She’s type 2 diabetic Never been in a gym. Struggles with anxiety & over thinking. And has always put everybody else first.

She also never walked anywhere and would do under 1,500 steps a day.

“She told me she has tried every diet & trainer & nothing worked”

I said “give me a month and watch your results”

Now did i go straight in and focus on the magic food & training plan….. NO.

I disrupted her current routine upon wakening.

By adopting a morning routine to give her control back, which serves her, & her goal.

We then adopted a night time routine, based upon reflection to celebrate her small wins, and what she has done well each day.

Now because we have control of the first & last part of the day, the middle seems easier.

Easier to stick to the diet. Easier to keep on track with your goals. Easier to get your steps up.

We won’t even step in the gym for at least another 4 weeks.

This phase is about improving her health, nutrition, mindset & daily habits & rituals.

Then we will push on and crush it in the gym.

NO 0-100 approach over here, & guess what she will get quicker results then 99% of people currently going to the gym.

Because progress is feeding her Self belief & confidence, which in turn is making her even more motivated to crush it.

Focus on taking control of your mind first then the body will follow.

Or if you keep just focusing on a new diet & training plan you will keep YO-Yoing & Self sabotaging & never moving forward.