The amount of people who message me enquiring into changing their body & health

And say they have tried everything to their knowledge , & that nothing works.

But the reality is you haven’t tried the right thing or had the best support or advice.

IF your looking for shakes, juice diets, pills, fat burners – guess what you won’t get the body you want.

IF your looking for the perfect diet plan to change your life for 2-4 weeks – guess what you won’t get the body you want.

IF your doing a combination of class’s, sprints, cardio, weights, with no thought process or direction behind it – guess what you won’t get the body you want.

& here is the Truth if you don’t work on YOU Then you won’t get the body you want.

For example if you wake up & think I’m fat, I’ve always been fat ill never get in shape.

Well that thought has turned into a belief, and now sub-consciously you dont believe you can get any results.

So you will actively look for things to prove your right, & you won’t put all the effort or try to make it work, you will dabble with it at around 50%.

& even if you are going well for a few weeks, soon as you start going further into the unknown, you will find away to self sabotage and bring you back to your normal comfortable self.

So what do you need to do

You need to Have someone who knows what to do, who believes in you & can keep you accountable.

You need to change your environment – people and your places.

You need to disrupt your morning routine, & be more self aware of your thoughts, beliefs & the language you use.

You then need to have a Big goal not just i want to lose weight, but a set amount, a deadline, & an emotional attachment to that goal ( i want to lose weight for my kids so i can live longer and watch them grow up, is far more powerful, to get you up and going)

Stop looking for a quick fix, & focus on life long change & growth, thats why we only accept clients on who are willing to commit to 3 months, as 4 weeks isn’t enough to undue all of the above.

Stop waiting for motivation, it’s bullshit, its never their when you need it, motivation comes when you see progress & changes in your physically & emotionally.

If your struggling Reach out to me or one of my Team & lets get you some amazing results!